You Will Learn

  • How to play notes, scales, riffs and melodies
  • All the fundamental techniques of saxophone playing including posture and breathing techniques
  • Practical saxophone theory for learning how to read saxophone music for beginners
  • Shortcuts for how to learn saxophone fast by getting the most from practice sessions
  • Easy-to-read saxophone music
  • Saxophone tips and saxophone tricks that every player should know when learning saxophone including the basics for how to improvise on saxophone

Lessons are generally designed to work towards giving students the tools to accomplish their goals and become increasingly independent over time. While all students will study similar fundamentals regarding technique, theory and performance, every lesson is as different as every person. What kind of music do you want to make? I’ll tell you what you need to do to get there and help you take the steps to achieve your aspirations.


I also love to help students put together a song, record and produce it for them so that they can have a recording to share with their friends, family and holding events for my students.


Younger students have opportunities to perform for friends and family. Once or twice a year we’ll also stage a larger event off site for more individual students and bands classes to perform. Adult students also occasionally have events where they get a chance to get together and play music as well.


For further enquirers, feel free to email us to booking@vancouversax.com


Simone’s studio is based in Vancouver – Chinatown area.



Why Choose Simone?


I believe in getting students playing music they love as soon as possible. In that time I have learned how to teach important technique and ear training through playing fun and engaging pieces of music in a variety of styles from classical to Funk, Rhythm and Blues, Ska, and more. Music is a fun, practical subject and it should be taught that way.

I have 17 years of teaching experience as a private teacher, a classroom music teacher and a band director. I employ many different styles and methods while teaching, to ensure my students receive a well rounded music education but also have fun. I love to use backing tracks and I like to teach technique and important fundamentals through playing pieces of music in the styles my students love, while also introducing them to new styles and new pieces. I love music and what it does for the world and I pass that love and passion on to my students. I am positive and encouraging, while still providing specific and structured feedback to students. I studied saxophone during my Bachelors of Music Education at the University of Venice – Italy – taught as a high school band director. This has given me the experience and knowledge base to teach students of all ages and backgrounds.

Refund And Cancellation Policy


If you arrive late, your lessons will still end at the schedule time, so please be on time.

24 hours cancellation policy:

Regardless of circumstances, private lessons not cancelled or rescheduled at least 24 hours before the start time will be charged at full rate.
You may cancel by email at booking@vancouversax.com

Refund policy:

Lessons fee paid in advance are always redeemable but not refundable. If you cannot continue taking lessons you may transfer the remaining lessons to another person.

  • All private lessons priced below are 1 hour long.
  • You can pay cash, PayPal or interact-e-transfer.
  • Personal cheques are no longer accepted as payment.
  • All packages lessons must be paid in advance. Receipts will provide upon request.
  • Aside from in-studio lessons, students also have the option to sign up for online lessons via Skype.